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Ghost Writing

From adverts and speeches to novels and text books, the ghost writer can produce the words that you feel less than comfortable with. From those who have difficulty writing to those who prefer not to, clients come from all walks of life.

Do You Want Words or a Product?

What do you want from a ghost writer? Sure, you can find someone on the internet that will produce a string of words for you for less than $5 and hour. I’m sure that many of these are quite capable of writing in their own language and then using Google Translate to produce something that is barely readable. Maybe they are students of some unrelated subject who got a D in English at GCSE.

Well, you’re still reading this so I figure that you want something better; you are looking for a quality that these cannot offer. Someone whose first language is English, who is educated to a high level and has a command of English grammar that will make you proud, who knows when to use “which” and when to use “that”, who knows the difference between “who’s” and “whose”. We’ve all seen bad writing and hear some awful grammar, some of it from the pens and mouths of professional journalists.

John is a professional writer. The “About” page details his career. Briefly, he has a first degree in Engineering (so can readily handle and interpret technical data) and two masters degrees. He has a lifelong interest in words and is a master of the English language.

How Dose it Work?

There are a variety of ways that your informations can be turned into a completed manuscript. You might provide comprehensive notes that need crafting into a structured article for publication or a book. Or, you may prefer taped interviews. It may be that any one of a number of other methods is more appropriate.

However that exchange of information occurs, you can be certain of a professional service.

How Much is it Going to Cost?

The actual contract fee will very much depend on the circumstances of the commission. John does not charge an hourly rate nor a per word rate. The pricing takes the whole process into account and will be negotiated prior to commencement.

Please use the contact page for your enquiries.