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Script Consulting

There are three types of people who will give you feedback on your script, be it a screenplay, stage-play, teleplay or radio play. They are:

Your Mate – this is family member or friend who thinks you are the bees knees. Everything you do is absolutely perfect as it it. It will just be snapped up straight away and earn you a small fortune plus a commission for a sequel. What will you learn from the experience? With a bit of luck, you’ll learn that you will never develop as a writer listening to such sycophants.

The nay-sayer – this is the antithesis of Your Mate. There is no way on earth that script will ever get near a producer, never mind a director. The genre has been done to death. Don’t wast your time. Anyway, your writing is dreadful… Yeah! Run away from that one.

Then there is the professional – this reader will be absolutely honest. S/he will tell you what works and what doesn’t. S/he’s got nothing to gain by praising everything and nothing to lose by criticising, nor has s/he anything to gain by being unnecessarily harsh. You will find out what’s good, what your strengths are and what you’ve got that you can build on. You’ll also know if your inciting incident is strong enough, if your hero needs a mentor or if the plot twists work.

You’ll get a report that is as long as it needs to be to help you rewrite you script and produce the best writing you can.

I don’t just critique scripts; if you have written an outline or a treatment, I will review that as well. All stories require a similar structure, so I will even critique short stories or outlines for novels.

The First Ten Pages

It is often said that, if you can’t grab your reader in the first ten pages or your audience in the first ten minutes then you have lost them. This is absolutely true and it is why some companies will ask you to submit the first ten pages and an outline for your script.

So, what if you have a script and are not comfortable paying for a complete critique and report? I have created a simple solution for you. Send your script and a fixed fee and I will read the first ten pages and tell you whether I think it’s worth having the complete script critiqued and why. If you want a critique of these first ten pages, the fee is also fixed. If you then want the whole script critiqued, you will be credited with the fee you’ve already paid.

What doe it cost?

Fixed Fee – £40.00

Critique of first ten pages – £70.00

Full texts – £15 per thousand words – rounded up to the nearest thousand. This is the fee for any text – script, outline, treatment or prose.

Example: A script of 90 pages contains 16400 words and you want a full critique. The cost will be based on 17000 words:

C = £40 + £15 X 17 = £295.00

Fees are charged through PayPal for you protection.

How to Submit.

Send you correctly formatted text (Microsoft Word or pdf only please) to the email address on the contacts page with your instructions and you will receive an email by return with payment instructions and terms.